No.7Namahage Crafts

A god inhabits the costume of Namahage ogre


Meet Namahage and bring it home with you

Namahage is registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. It is a joy-bringing divinity that visits house after house in demonic form and runs around wildly to pray for a year of happiness. It is believed that a god inhabits the straw that falls from the Namahage's costume, the "kede," and that it is a talisman to protect against illness. After enjoying the Namahage's live performance, you can pick up the straw it dropped and craft something to bring home with you.


  • Tokyo
  • JR Shinkansen Komachi
    3 hr 50 min
  • Akita
  • Car
    1 hr
  • Namahage Museum