No.8Becoming a Mogami Local

Immerse yourself in the true Japanese countryside


Experience regional traditions, wisdom in everyday life, and warm people

The Shinjo and Mogami region of Yamagata is a rural area with wide vistas of abundant nature and rice paddies. It overflows with ways to enjoy the four seasons and wisdom for making life richer. Create straw lifestyle goods, eat fermented foods and regional dishes, and enjoy a chat with a local farmer. In this region, the ordinary culture that is taken for granted will be an extraordinary experience for you. Shinjo and Mogami are great places to experience the charm of rural living.


  • Tokyo
  • JR Shinkansen Tsubasa
    3 hr 10 min
  • Shinjo
  • Car
    30 min
  • Tozawa Village
    (experience venue and farmhouse)